Disney California Adventure – April 2016

Remember back in the DCA 1.0 days, they brought Food and Wine out West and gave us a taste of California’s foods and spirits? Then Carsland and Buena Vista Street came and ended all that fun. Yes those were sad times for a Disney foodie. I’m quite happy to say that 6 years later the festival has returned and for the most part, its still a welcomed addition to the park. Although much smaller in scale than the last DCA Food and Wine back in 2010, they still have cooking demos, upcharge events like beer and wine seminars, popular chef meet and greets, as well as the ever popular, marketplace booths. Tastings can be a little pricey, especially when the portion sizes are rather small (I’m looking at you artichoke chips.) It might be wiser to get any of the special menu items at the park restaurants if your looking for a deal and are hungry. If your an AP, do pick up a Tasting Passport. The price for a passport has actually gone down a little bit since opening weekend – a rare occurrence at any Disney Park. There is also a large selection of California wines and beers throughout the park, so you’ll be covered where ever you go if partaking in an adult beverage or two is your thing. In the end, DCA’s Food and Wine is a nice little diversion that hopefully will be expanded on annually for years to come.

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