Disney California Adventure – August 2014

Woke up early to hit rope drop. This was a rare occasion as I haven’t done rope drop since I was a kid. Granted the lines were short, but I just feel that losing sleep for 5 minute waits for Tower of Terror or Screamin’ is not really worth it. Anyway, the wife’s brother was in town and they wanted to go to the parks early, so how could I deny them a family trip? As we walked through DCA’s gates and waited patiently for rope drop, we figured we would try to get my son Radiator Springs Racers. He loves watching Cars. He loves Lightning McQueen. He loves loud and fast things he can ride. Obviously we would chuck him onto RSR once he finally hit 40 inches. We found out he had hit that mark at Legoland last month, so we strolled right on in to Radiator Springs.

The kid did not seem to have a clue what we were doing until we reached a part of the line where you can see the load/unload. That is where he spotted the ride vehicles and was eager to get in one, he pointed at them as he studied them from afar. The ride was like any other tame Disney dark ride for him, and he enjoyed it so far, but it wasn’t until the race section he was a solidified RSR fan. As we sped out of the Cadillac Range and into the first banked turn, my son grabbed my arm with both hands in a death grip of fear but his face had the hugest smile plastered across it. By the time we reached back into the station, I knew we would have to ride again when he wouldn’t stop talking about the “up and down” part of the ride.

Unluckily, when my wife took him in on a baby swap, the CM at the front of the line blocked him from entering. At Legoland he passes the 40″ height check with flying colors. He had just passed the height check at the station on his first ride five minutes ago. Yet at the beginning of the line, he just could not hit the bottom of the bar no matter how straight my wife tried to get him to stand. Go figure. Instead of trying to beg the guy we decided to just go another day. By then he should have grown a couple of centimeters to hit the bar without a question of doubt. Until then though, the wife and I will be debating on having to adjust our park visiting hours as long as the running of bulls for Racers still occurs.

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