Disney California Adventure – February 2015

Went to the parks for one thing only: one last ride on Luigi’s Flying Tires. Not the most praised ride at the Disneyland Resort, but its far from the worst. It is truly a unique and innovative experience that is only rewarding after countless attempts to get those tires to fly. After two go arounds, it was quite simple for me, as the kid and I were able to strike a balance on the tire quite quickly and freely moved about while everyone else “hopped” their way around. Although, more often than not, folks could not grasp the concept of the flying tires no matter how many CMs tried to explain on the L circle in the queue or pointing at the countless signs on how to fly. This steep learning curve on a ride that only lasts about 2 minutes left many thinking, “I dont get it. The tire won’t fly or spin. I’m going to tell my social media circle that this ride is a bust.” By the time Carsland previews started, many saw the writing on the wall for the attraction. A bunch of beach balls and weight reduction of the tires would not help change the public’s poor perception of the ride.

Still, to a small few, the ride was a charming addition to the parks and offered a nice diversion to another spinning flat ride. Now, I am not going to get all #saveluigi or cry my eyes or whatever it is most Disney diehards do when their favorite Disney thing is taken away. It is what it is and it is being replaced. By something, I’m guessing, that will be far more pleasing to the average guest than the flying tires ever were or maybe not. Something like Aquatopia is just as mind numbing as sitting on a tire that doesn’t do what you want it to do. I digress, but lets just go with a positive, that whatever comes will be better than what was there, in a Monsters Inc/Superstar Limo kind of way. As much as I will miss Luigi’s, I am looking forward to whatever it is that is coming. In the end, as a fan, I was glad I could enjoy one last ride as I’m betting we will never see anything like a giant air hockey table come to the parks again.

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