Disney California Adventure – January 2015

Happy New Year! As the winter break slowly winds down and real work coming quickly on the horizon, we decided to start our year back at the parks. Now when I say parks, I pretty much just mean DCA. We really don’t venture back to Disneyland. Its been like that for a while now and it actually didn’t take us that long to find why it was happening: it was our kid’s fault.

That little guy that runs around the park like he owns it, is the reason we find ourselves at California Adventure month after month. I thought Disneyland would be his land and it would cater to his every whim. Come on, Disneyland is like the poster child for kid-friendly. Growing up, it was that place where fantasy turned into reality, where far off places around the world were within reach and every once in a while the Fab 5 would wave hello. It was nice, made me feel good and sparked an endless imagination. Who doesn’t want that for their own kids? Apparently, the appeal isn’t there for my kid. When we go to Disneyland its for me and my wife. And even then its usually lunch at Plaza Inn before we rush back across the Esplanade. My Matterhorn, Big Thunder, Space Mountain and Splash have been replaced with things like Heimlech’s Chew Chew Train, Mike and Sulley to the Rescue, Toy Story Midway Mania and Radiator Springs Racers. He is pretty much a Pixar fan first then maybe a Disney fan if there was anything good. Meeting Baymax or going on Pooh might have swayed him to go to Disneyland, but that’s it. When stepping back and looking at the parks from my kid’s eyes, its obvious DCA is his Disneyland. Is that bad? I seriously dont think it is. The happiness that overcomes the kids, the same that made us fall in love with Disneyland in the first place, is all that matters.

Sadly though, his Pixarland has been invaded. The Backlot has been frozen over by the Ice Sisters and their possessed little Snowman. Less Frozen, more Pixar. The son doesn’t like Frozen…oh wait, never mind, there he goes again lining up to sled and play in the snow.

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