Disneyland – April 2015

Welcome back to the Happiest Place on Earth! Now that Spring Break is winding down and Disney started packing up their Easter eggs, the wife and I figured we should hit up the park on this rare day off together. Although the parks were a bit a busy, for the most part it was tolerable. The kids knew what they wanted to do so we were able to hit ride after ride before a pretty large storm front came to wash us out. As the 60th  quickly approaches, the castle continues to pile on the bling. The pictures make the poor little castle look a bit overdone, but in person its not as gaudy looking. Its weird. New turrets and boxes have also appeared in front of the castle to hide projectors and lighting equipment. They are nice additions to the area and will most likely bring some awesome visuals to the 60th fireworks. Heading out to the Westside, Critter Country came out of its rehab and Splash is looking much better than it has recently and Pooh…well not much has changed there. Not much else this trip other than the son took his first ride on the original Splash Mountain. He has proclaimed that he  loves it more than Magic Kingdom’s Splash. He will turn out to be a fine Disneylander I think…

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