Disneyland – July 2015

Took an unexpected trip to the parks this past weekend just because the wife and I happened to have matching days off. Its a rare occurence so why not spend it at the parks, right? So we packed up the kids in the car and off we went. Since I wasn’t planning on being at Disneyland anytime soon I did not have my camera on me. Instead I had my trusty phone and decided to see what kind of pictures it took. Especially at night for Paint the Night!


As you can see, the LG G3 is no slouch for a phone. Its only been a year since it launched, but it’s specs are still pretty decent compared with the onslaught of bigger and better Android phones. It takes decent pictures and records videos in 4K so that’s a decent plus. Photos are pretty detailed and sharp, but the focus tends to struggle in low light – as with most cameras that come on phones. In the end, it makes for a decent back up when you just need a camera, but I think I’d rather have something with a lot more zoom like a compact point and shoot. Anyow, below are some pictures straight from the G3. Let me know what you think, cause for the most part it’s a great alternative to the benchmarks of the iPhone and Galaxy S6.

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