Disneyland – March 2015

Just took a quick stop at the parks before Spring Break starts up at the Resort. Figure we haven’t been for a while and I think I heard enough about the “Disneyland Monorail” and “Disneyland Locomotive” from my son lately. Boys and their transportation vehicles, it’s like moths to a flame. Tomorrowland just happens to be that flame at the moment as it has a pretty substantial collection of transportation. Autopia, Subs, Monorail and the Disneyland Railroad lay claim to the land and it has slowly grown into my son’s favorite stop lately. We’ll chalk that up to the Tomorrowland Speedway, otherwise if he didn’t fall in love with that attraction in the first place, we would never had set foot in Disneyland. He also took a liking to Fantasyland with Casey Jr. cause it’s a train, Dumbo cause it existed in the Magic Kingdom and Snow White’s Scary Adventure. Yup, of all the dark rides in Fantasyland, my son chose to only ride Snow White – I’ll blame this one on the Magic Kingdom’s Seven Dwarves Mine Train. Speaking of which, as much as he loves that ride he has written off rollercoasters, in general, at the moment:

Let’s go ride Big Thunder.
You like the Seven Dwarves rollercoaster?
Okay, Big Thunder is just like that…kind of?
     No, I no like rollercoasters.
Okay, but it’s actually a high speed train in a mountain! We like trains.
*cue speeding train with accompanying whistle*
     No, I no like the rollercoaster.
But it’s like the Mine Train at the Magic Kingdom!
     I like the Mine Train. Daddy can we go to the Magic Kingdom?
Sorry, it’ll take too long to get there and we are here at Disneyland.
     Can we go on Snow White?

It’s a dilemma for sure. Oh well, on the bright side, we have moved on from DCA and got to hang out at Disneyland for at least a couple hours. I’ll take it.

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