Disneyland – October 2015

Recently, Disney came out and announced that along with the loss of Big Thunder Ranch and the Big Thunder BBQ, there will also be a year long closure of Tom Sawyer’s Island, Fantasmic and the Rivers of America. Then a few days later increased the cost of Annual Passes, to the point where the highest tier is hitting slightly over $1000. You would think with the way the internets imploded with these two announcements, the park attendance would have bottomed out. Welp, fortunately, nothing that extreme has happened. People are still avoiding Tom Sawyer’s Island on the daily and the AP season is in full swing as they come out in droves after work to swamp resort parking. If we learned anything from the latest news from the parks: People will complain, but people will still come – and on the internet most likely those two are the same.  As I see it, I can only imagine prices continuing to rise once or twice yearly just cause it hasn’t gone down, like ever, and during Disneyland expansions throughout the years, prices were never adjusted for the loss of an attraction or two or the re-imagining of entire lands. Secondly, folks should be a little happy that two new attractions in a whole new land is coming – that’s two new attractions since Indy was built in 1995. Sure things like story, theme and history are important to Disneyland, but the Disneyland I grew up with as a kid is not the same Disneyland I’ve been going to today and its definitely not the Disneyland that my kids will know. It is always changing and things are always being lost for new things to take hold. Sometimes those things are amazing, and other times they are down right horrible. Still, with ever increasing prices, I’d rather much prefer a changing theme park over a stagnant one stuck in some early 80s bubble. So put the pitchforks down people, it will be okay. Life happens, even for a theme park.


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