Disneyland Paint the Night – May 2015

Happy 60th! Disneyland has official begun its year long 60th anniversary celebration. After the dust settled from the madness that was another crazy 24 hour party, the family and I decided to head out to Anaheim to check out the newest parade, Paint the Night.

What can I say, Paint the Night is probably the highlight of the entire 60th entertainment offering. Not saying World of Color Celebrate was bad or Disneyland Forever didn’t live up to the hype. The technology and effects alone make those two shows much more spectacular than the shows they replaced. Paint the Night though, there’s something about it that makes it that much more special.  As familiar as the parade may seem, with a couple references back to the original Main Street Electrical Parade, it’s an all out new experience. Theres a million twinkling LED lights, with characters my kids identify with, and they all bop along together to that one song from Wreck It Ralph stuck on repeat. If that doesn’t sound like fun, it’s because I really do not know how to articulate all the feels I have about the parade. So maybe I’ll just say, if Disney magic and showmanship are what you are craving, then Paint the Night will fill that void quite nicely. If not, it’s okay, those spectacular fireworks happen 5 minutes after the parade ends.

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