Disneyland Resort – August 2015

Its been a hot summer out here in California with a lot more humidity than I’m used to. So for the most part we’ve been staying cool and away from the parks. Couldn’t stay away long as it was another rare weekend both the wife and I had off and the kids have been wanting to go to the parks for a while so we caved in. To our advantage it was a beautiful day in the parks, it wasn’t too hot or humid and it seemed more like the off season than a summer peak. Wait times were between 5 and 20 minutes, with our longest wait being for Peter Pan at 40. Walk ways weren’t scary packed for fireworks or parades and you know, it seemed we were the only ones waiting for the 1100 Paint the Night Parade in Small World Mall at 1045.


Even then, by showtime it wasn’t packed and if you were late, it was okay since Mack went 101 on the parade route. This definitely was a first for me to watch as the performers doing their choreography in place until the tow truck could get down the parade route and hitch up to Mack. Not sure what the issue was, but it was definitely one of the longest showings of Paint the Night. Olaf was missing on the Frozen float too. Must’ve finally melted while waiting for Mack to get towed. For the most part it’s an excellent parade, but I guess it was just one of those nights for the little parade. As stated earlier I also got a look at the somewhat newly refurbished Peter Pan. Definitely a nice little upgrade for the ride and definitely still worth the wait for it, most of the time. With that, it was nice to be back at the parks, especially with the pleasant weather and light-for-summer crowds. It’s a good time to be at the parks as the locals and/or their kids are finally going back to school as the summer season is coming to a close.

Oh yah, there’s no pictures from this trip as I didn’t plan on being at the parks this weekend. No camera, no pics. Still though, I managed to conjure this little video up above for the sake of doing some kind of blog entry. It was lazily done (thank you feature formerly known as Auto Awesome) and if I ever do something with this video stuff, I’d probably put more effort into it. Still, let me know what you think! Like it. Subscribe it. Comment it. I don’t know. Is that what they say? I’m so not a vlogger.

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