Disneyland Resort – December 2015

Good day friends! If you hadn’t noticed, we had taken a little break from the Resort for the past couple weeks. The parks are in Holiday mode, so we have been laying low from the crowds. Still, the wife wanted to check out the holiday stuff before the season really got in to gear so we took a quick stroll through the Resort this past weekend and hopefully that should hold us over till next year. Ya probably not.

Some quick thoughts on Season of the Force: It’s alright as a celebration of all things Star Wars, but feels rather lacking in content. I’d rather have something more akin to Star Wars Weekends. Still, Hyperspace Mountain is probably the highlight of all the offerings. I would not plan a trip just to catch Season of the Force, but if you happened to be at Disneyland, Hyperspace Mountain is definitely worth the ride.

With that…onto the pictures!



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