Disneyland Resort – September 2015

Summer is officially over. That didn’t stop the heat and humidity from taking over the parks though. Dont know what came over us, but we decided to spend a day out in the parks and see how far we could get with the sun beating down on us. For one, Radiator Springs Racers had a 50 minute wait, so it was a moderate day at least. But by late afternoon, the heat had gotten to me and all I wanted to do was sit somewhere cold while everyone else played. Anyway, not much going on in the parks, other than Halloween Time has crept up on us and by the time you read this the orange & yellow bunting should have replaced the blue & white ones along Main Street. Also, Ghost Galaxy and Haunted Mansion Holiday have opened their doors to unsuspecting guests. Mickey’s Halloween Parties should have started up and it’ll be nice to see something a little different than the bling bling 60th. Anyhow, there’s lots of pictures this time around as we spent the whole day at the Resort. So have fun with that…

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