Disneyland Resort – September 2016

Did you all catch the end of the 60th celebration at Disneyland? We managed to make it into the park before the gates closed on Friday evening for the first Paint the Night and the following Disneyland Forever, probably the two best things to come out of the 60th. Sadly who knows if we’ll ever see Forever again while Paint the Night has a couple more showings left during the Holidays before being “replaced” by the returning Main Street Electrical Parade. So I took some video of both offerings just in case, which you can catch below. Also I took some pics around the Resort after the jump.

Paint the Night!

Disneyland Forever!

I am definitely sad to see the 60th and all its nostalgia and Disney magic go, but am excited to see whats coming up next for the future of the Resort: The Holidays, the return of the River, Disneyland Railroad and Fantasmic! 2.0, the changing of Tower to Guardians and the ever looming Star Wars Land. What will you miss from the 60th? Secondly what are you looking forward too after the 60th?

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