Disney’s Animal Kingdom – February 2015

This week, I decided to take a look at one of my favorite parks, Animal Kingdom. I believe it’s one of the most beautiful Disney Parks in the world. I dont think I’ve ever felt as immersed in my surroundings as I did in Animal Kingdom since visiting Tokyo DisneySeas. I’m not saying they are the same when it comes to attractions and stuff, I’m just saying the attention to detail is pretty similar.

Anyhow, this trip it wasn’t very immersive as Animal Kingdom is pulling a DCA – aka Disney’s Construction Area. The work walls and scrims are all over this park. Even though the Tree of Life came out from under its tarps, there is still a Starbucks coming to Discovery Island, the Africa Marketplace is coming along in Africa, River of Lights is being installed around Asia and no one can avoid the construction visible from the parking lot for AK’s newest land – Avatarland. Lots of stuff going on and it should be some awesome stuff once it’s all opened…past dusk even. Until then you need to take in some walls with your animals and all that fun stuff.

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