Disney’s Animal Kingdom – February 2016

This is it! The last of the vacation extravaganza! Our last Orlando park back in February was Animal Kingdom. This is my favorite park out of WDW due to the amazing placemaking to soak up, tons of animals to check out and, of course, Expedition Everest lives here. It’s also was not very crowded during the slow season, especially nearing its typical 5pm closing. The times are changing for this park though. With the coming of Avatarland, the Night Safaris, and night time entertainment like Rivers of Light, Animal Kingdom is looking to extend its draw from WDW guests, who often consider the park a half day park. Still this was a somewhat busier February, as the park stayed open till 8pm and somewhere around 1pm, Kiliminjaro Safari hit 120 minutes. Still once the sun began setting, people began leaving in droves.

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