Disney’s Hollywood Studios – February 2015

Well look at that, the Sorcerer Hat is coming down! That took about what? Almost 15 years to do? I’m kind of glad to see that the Chinese Theater is coming back into view down Hollywood Blvd., as it was intended to be. Can’t wait till the thing is completely gone, which by the time this posts, is pretty soon as they are already down to just the support structure. With the hat going, the introduction of Starbucks (aka the Trolley Car Cafe)  and various work walls going up around the park, Hollywood Studios is in for some major transformation ahead, like DCA 2.0 kind of transformation. Or at least that’s what the rumors are pointing at as Disney themselves haven’t said anything regarding the studio park. The DHS we know today will most likely be totally different not to far in the distant future and maybe even going through another name change. Still, this park needs something to bring it back to life as it can’t survive just on 4 major attractions and a slew of meet and greets.

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