EPCOT – February 2015

Hello EPCOT, second gate of Walt Disney World. Took us two days to get through this park as it’s probably one of the largest one’s out there. Its so big, I decided to split up this EPCOT post into Future World and World Showcase. There’s just so much at EPCOT you really can’t capture it all within one or two days.

Future World. When I tour EPCOT I usually bypass Innoventions West and East – sorry I’m just one of the few folks left who enjoyed CommuniCore and do not like the direction Future World has gone since the 80s. Still, for the most part, I choose not to dwell on what has been and might as well enjoy what is there now – except Innoventions. So, the main reason I hang out here, as I’m sure most ride warriors would too, is because the bulk of EPCOT’s major rides are located in Future World. Nemo, Soarin’, Imagination, Test Track, Mission: Space, Universe of Energy and that big golf ball called Spaceship Earth. So we did a speed run through this part of EPCOT to avoid the onslaught of rain. By the time lunch hit, the rains came and did not let up till 9pm. *sigh* We gave up after lunch though. The kids do not need to be out in 60 degree rain. Ended up being a hotel day for them while everyone else stuck around, but at least we got most of the attractions at EPCOT done. Thank you FP+!

World Showcase. So you wanted to tour the world but don’t have the funds to do it? Go to World Showcase and you can see all you need to see about the world. Actually, no don’t do that. You would rob yourself of getting cultured and learning about others. Everyone should at least get a chance to get outside of America and see and interact with people from another country. Do not rely on the World Showcase to get yourself cultured. It’s like a really bad Cliff Notes version of the world and should never be used as a substitute for the real thing. From the times I’ve been to EPCOT, the World Showcase kind of evolved from a tourist brochure kind of experience into eat and drink your way through each pavillion in a 7 deadly sins kind of way experience. By the end, the natives are laughing at you in their own language while you wolf down another bratwurst and chug another margarita while trying to maintain as you walk past security. Now EPCOT is not all about the drunky town pub crawl, but with the lack of rides in the World Showcase, somethings got to keep the tourists entertained. It keeps me entertained watching it all happen…

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