Islands of Adventure – February 2015

Islands of Adventure, oh how I wished something like you complimented Universal Studios Hollywood. Actually, USH really doesn’t need a second park, it needs more theme park first. Getting sidetracked here, but if they should happen to knock down some sound stages, they could fill out their park by cloning some stuff from IOA. Seuss Landing? Toon Lagoon? Shoot. Anything. I love USH, I just wish they could do more and kill the NIMBYs. Wow…okay done with that rant. Moving on, let’s focus on IOA and all its awesome. Hulk is awesome. One Fish, Two Fish is pretty awesome. Hogsmeade is awesome. Even the towering construction of the kind-of-verified-but-still-considered-rumored King Kong attraction is pretty awesome. Poseidon’s Fury, mainly not awesome but has its moments. Still, I’m kind of excited where this park is going and sadly I have to experience it a couple years at a time. *sigh* Until that next time though, I’ll be wishing that awesome comes West while I drown out my sorrow with some Duff Dry at the soon to be open Moe’s. Springfield can’t come soon enough for this West coast dweller.

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