Legoland California – July 2014

While the internets took a turn for the worse over the unfinished changes to New Orleans Square/Club 33 at Disneyland this past Monday, the family and I took a trip to Legoland. Although not much has been added to the park recently, they do have a temporary display of the set pieces from The Lego Movie. Parts of the Old West, Middle Zealand, Space/Star Wars, Pirates and Lord Bussiness’ headquarters surround the main display of Brickburg. Even though it was just a walk around, the son spent a good chunk of his day in this room. He’d run around the models, stop and then study the scene in front of him. If given the chance, he probably would have skipped lunch just to take in all of it. Other than that, you got your standard meet and greet with Wildstyle/Emmet and that pretty much covers everything about The Lego Movie Experience. It’s a small diversion from the rest of the park that fans of the film will surely enjoy. Hopefully with a second movie on the way, they might be able to expand on the offerings next time around.

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