Legoland California – May 2016

Its been a while since we been down to Legoland and we decided to pack up the kids to check out what has changed. Now that the kids are a little older, this park is a little more interesting for them. They can get on most of the rides now and most importantly, they cannot resist the countless hours spent at Lego tables set up around every corner. The place has become a more seasoned theme park than when it first open. Between the 2 or 3 years since we’ve been to the park, its definitely looking a lot nicer with a nice rehab of Duploland, the addition of the Death Star to the Star Wars miniland and new themed areas like Heartlake City and the recently opened, Ninjago World.

The big thing for the park this year is definitely Ninjago the Ride. Legoland introduced us to another interactive dark ride that uses the movement of our hands instead of pulling a trigger or drawstring. The premise of the ride is quite simple: we are training to be ninjas in the Ninjago world and must complete a couple of tests to prove our ninja worth. My first instinct was to perform a karate chop action to start shooting energy balls out of my hands, but this was incorrect. It’s more akin to tutting like a fool by shooting your hands straight forward over the sensors. It’s a rather odd, throat chop movement, but in the end it becomes second nature as you toss out energy ball after energy ball at everything coming at you. Each section of the ride pits you the trainees against an onslaught of onscreen baddies set forth by the wise old Lego guy teaching you. There is plenty of flying hands everywhere and overall, its a pretty enjoyable experience. Its more engaging and tiring than Disney’s Toy Story Mania while making more sense than Knott’s Voyage to the Iron Reef. The kids loved it. I thought it was cute. The wife hates anything involving 3D glasses. In the end, we decided we wouldn’t make a trip out of it just to see it again, but its a great diversion if you were going to be in the park anyway and the wait isn’t above 60 minutes.

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