Magic Kingdom – February 2015

The bigger Disneyland. It’s always fun coming out to Orlando to visit the Magic Kingdom as it brings back memories. Like the first trip ever with my family back in the 80s. My dad handed my older brother our tickets and said to him, “Meet us for lunch at noon at this spot and watch your brother.”  With that we were on our own to do whatever we wanted. This was straight up Disneyland-style babysitting in the middle of Florida. During a time before cell phones were available and pagers weren’t something kids carried back then. Some 3000 miles away from home we were left to park hop between the Magic Kingsom and EPCOT Center like it was our home park. What a blast for some kids and what a way to take in the Magic Kingdom.

In this day and age, I can’t imagine  anyone just sending 8 year old kids off to explore any kind of theme park, even Disney, with the hope that they show up for lunch or closing time.  Nope, you’re most likely to see these kids being pushed around in their strollers while the parents go off to buy balloons, bubble guns, spiny toys and churros to keep the kids busy. Bitter? Nooooo….

Still, without totally letting go, we let the eldest pick and choose where he wanted to go at the Magic Kingdom. Surprisingly, on this 2nd trip to Orlando, he knew exactly where everything was and had a blast telling us where to go next. I guess it helps he knows the lay of the land at Disneyland, but there are curveballs like New Fantasyland and attractions missing or not where they are here like they are at Disneyland. He knew where to find Buzz to show him his new Buzz sweater and where to find the Magic Carpets and the spitting camels. Yes folks, this one has been bitten by the Disney bug and I don’t see it waning anytime soon.

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