Magic Kingdom – February 2016

Welcome back to Orlando! This past February we took a trip back down to Florida just because it happened to be the oldest kid’s birthday and it fell during a time when everyone could get away from California. We ventured off to the Magic Kingdom for our first stop and compared to last year, it was way busier than we remembered. We were there roughly around the same time period: the week right before Valentine’s, President’s, and Marathon weekend. As soon as we hit the park, walk-ons weren’t nearly as prevalent this year and there were a lot more cheerleading hordes mixed in with the ever present Brazilian tour groups.

As crowded as it was, we still managed to get on pretty much every ride at the park along with our original six FP reservations. Operation-wise, it was a horrible day at the park. Every ride we got in line for ended up going 101 which resulted with the queue getting cleared. As we were escorted out of each line, we asked if we could have a re-entry pass and were happily given one. 5 rides later, we ended up with 20 re-entry passes for various attractions throughout the park. Nevermind the collection of rider swap tickets we also collected. All those little magical tickets made it possible for us to pretty much walk on to any ride we wanted and then repeat. So boooo! for broken rides (or most likely guests causing ride shutdowns and lenient CMs) and hooray! for all the passes we got. Made for one easy day on an unexpected busy day.

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