Universal Studios Florida – February 2015

London! Kings Cross! Diagon Alley! Carkitt! Knocturn! Hogsmeade Express! Wands! GRINGOTTS!!!! So the inner nerd just died at USF and I ain’t ashamed. What I should be ashamed of is that the kids were bored out of their mind as I stood their taking continuous shots of a fake dragon breathing fire. And when it was done spewing gas they asked, “Can we go now?” And I’d reply, “Wait, let me get a picture of the dragon breathing fire.” Then the wife gave that unapproving stare and then strollered away the kids to the nearest ice cream shop…Florean’s! After seeing this, Hogsmeade in Hollywood would only just be alright. If I were in that evolution plan planning meeting, I would have been, “Screw Hogsemeade, tear down Shrek and Water World and put in Diagon.” That didn’t happen though…for now Diagon and it’s amazingness will stay out East.

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