Universal Studios Hollywood – June 2016

Took a trip out to Universal because we were hearing how empty the park was. It ended up being a lie. I’m guessing it was because we were creeping up on a holiday weekend. Forbidden Journey never dipped below 40 minutes while we were there and the walkways felt Disneyland claustrophobic. Add on 100 degree weather and you find yourself in the middle of summer peak pondering “why are you here?” while inching your way down the Starway with a thousand other sweaty tourists. Still, Universal has added some meet and greets in the Universal Plaza area. You can meet BumbleBee from Transformers, the gang from Scooby Doo and characters from the upcoming movie, Kubo. Also, The Walking Dead walk through attraction has recently just opened and at the time we had visited I had done everything but taken pictures of it. That’s why I’m not a blogger earning big bucks. The shame. OH WELL…life goes on.

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