Universal Studios Hollywood – March 2016

It’s hard to imagine that Hogsmeade is just around the corner. Finally, I do not have to fly to Orlando for a ride on Forbidden Journey and a mug of Butterbeer. Come April 7th, Universal will be at the tail end of their Evolution Plan and for the most part, it has helped evolve the studio park into something with a little more theme park substance. The Team Members have definitely turned it up a bit with the customer service, the themed-land experiences are getting better and the food has definitely become more edible. Sure it isn’t Disneyland and the park is the size of a peanut, but its definitely becoming an even more charming place that’s big on entertaining. It’s definitely been an exciting time for Universal and I’m sure a lot of fans can’t wait to see what will be coming after Harry Potter. (Other than the Walking Dead that is…)

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